What Can Lacrosse Parents Learn from Junior Golf Parents?

What Can Lacrosse Parents Learn from Junior Golf Parents?

Mark Twain famously said, golf is a good walk spoiled.

The learning curve for golf and lacrosse are quite similar.

If you can't catch and throw, you're never going to be a good golfer.

If you can't make consistently, good contact with the golf ball, you're always going to be a high handicapp.

Due to the nature of an individual sport, golfers suffer in silence far more than lacrosse players. An attackman can blame the goalie if they lose a game 19-18.

A goalie can blame an attackman if they lose 6-5.

A golfer only has himself to blame for carding a bogey instead of a par.

Ultimately, both sports are dependent upon the alone time the athlete puts in working on his craft throwing or striking a ball with a stick. The efforts of that alone time are then judged publicly.

Here's David MacKenzie, a mental performance coach for golfers, on being a parent for a junior golfer.




Something for parents to consider as the summer event season is now in full swing. 😉

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