Zebra Apparel: Grateful Dead Shorts

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The Grateful Dead was known for its unique fusing of different musical elements and providing an eclectic atmosphere for fans . Their fans, known as "Deadheads", followed the band around the country draped in tie-dye clothing. Zebra Apparel has released new microfiber shorts that pay homage to the great American rock band.

Zebra has rolled out two Grateful Dead tributes: Neon Tie-Die and Sunshine Tie-Die. These unique shorts feature the Grateful Dead "Steal your Face" logo down the out-seam.

"In early spring we were contacted by a team out of Baltimore called Touch of Grey. They wanted to use the Grateful Dead logo on their shooting shirts so we contacted the licensing department for the Dead. They were cool with the idea so we went ahead with the uniforms," Michael Tabb (Zebra President).

"As Zebra traveled to different tournaments during the summer we had kids offering insane amounts of money to buy the samples. This fall I got on the phone with the licensing department and pitched an idea for officially licensed Grateful Dead lacrosse shorts. They loved it and we came to an agreement and we started the line with our tie-dye shorts."

"We are going to be bringing out new designs regularly and Zebra will be the only place to get them. Next up will be some shorts with the dancing bears and from there we will just keep it rolling."

Visit Zebra Apparel to learn more about the Grateful Dead shorts and if you aren't familiar with The Grateful Dead listen to their classic tune "Sugar Magnolia".

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