Zay Zah Clothiers

Zay Zah Clothiers

It always seems we walk around in everyday life trying to find something to set us apart from each other, or just to fit in.  Well for Jacob Redlingshafer, he has created a clothing line that you can go from the gym, to grinding on your neighbor's ex-girlfriend in no time at the club without an issue and still look stylish.  Jacob, a lacrosse player at heart, started off at Springfield College in Massachusetts.  However, the young goaltender wanted to be back closer to home, and decided to transfer to Lindenwood University, a newly elevated NCAA Division 2 team.

While Redlingshafer loved being back in St. Louis and playing lacrosse, he still felt like something was missing.  That’s where Zay-Zah Clothiers came into his life.  At its inception, it was a two t-shirt company, but the company has already doubled in size and the products he has developed have been flying out in transit to be worn by everyone.  Now, having five different items that are fully stocked, Zay-Zah is truly expanding at a great rate.  Many people have already asked what is this Zay-Zah?  Is it a star, a country, an alien name?  No, it’s merely a word that easily cascades out of the mouth, much easier than any other word and is a word that is used to relax even the most tense people into a ZEN type state of mind. 

These clothes make you feel confident, secure, and even unique, and many brands just don’t have this kind of style.  In fact, they truly don’t take the time to research the products they are made out of. All of Zay-Zah’s shirts are made from organic material.

The Plain White Z, Simple Z, and Simple Z Red are currently available, along with the ZZ Topper, and ZZ tank. Zay-Zah will soon be coming out with a sweatshirt/long sleeved shirt as well.  Furthermore, a women’s line is possibly in the making, so stay tuned ladies!

For more information, be sure to check out their Facebook, and Twitter pages.  To place your order for one of these items you will need to go to their website, and be sure to say Josh sent ya!  Now onto the pictures!

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