Wreckless Lacrosse Apparel Starts New Line

Wreckless Lacrosse Apparel Starts New Line

“All you need is a ball and a stick, add on a field and kids gravitate toward its action and competitiveness.”

Mat Levine of Doc’s NYC Lacrosse said this in a recent Newsday article. Lacrosse is a sport that can be played by people of all ages. It is intense, competitive, challenging, but most of all it is fun. It is said that lacrosse is the fastest game to be played on two feet, and Wreckless Lacrosse Apparel Group is a company growing as fast as the sport it represents.

Wreckless Lacrosse Apparel Group is an up and coming sporting apparel brand. The brand caters to the player, their performance, as well as their individuality. Wreckless’s completely new designs of apparel are set to hit the top sporting goods store shelves in December 2013. This new line of apparel is made to fit the lifestyle of a lacrosse player. All products are made with top notch material that is soft with an extremely comfortable fit, but also looks good. The unique designs symbolize individuality, and the love of the game. With Wreckless’s new product line the player can dress to impress on and off the field in this hip and comfortable sportswear.

Wreckless is always coming up with new creative patterns, and focuses their trends on what the consumer wants. Wreckless Apparel Group’s complete new line of products includes three different lines.

The Wreckless Men’s Line includes shorts made with a thick waistline, drawstrings, and unlike many other sport apparel brands, are made with pockets. Shirts and tank tops are made with all new patterns and sell for $24 - $26. Another product added to the line is Reversible tanks, with a different edgy, colorful pattern on each side.

The Daredevil Boy’s Line includes a variety of shorts and tanks all under $30. All styles are made with super soft material, pockets, and a comfortable waistline, all of which provide for a nice fit.

Last but certainly not least is the new Women’s line called, Wreckless Love. This line includes racerback tanks, v-neck shirts, and reversible pinnies. All of the apparel in the women’s line has been made to fit a woman’s body shape. The items are comfortable and athletic, yet trendy with funky colors and designs. This new line offers a selection of shorts that come in a 5 inch length. This style is the perfect length, as suggested by the players and fans themselves. What makes these shorts so unique is the convenient built in compression shorts with mesh overlay, thus eliminating the need for spandex. Before this line of shorts girls would have to wear two separate pairs of shorts and roll them up, with these shorts they will no longer have to. The shorts also have drawstrings and sell for $38. All designs in the Women’s line are athletic, but of course include the perfect amount of pink.

For more information on Wreckless Lacrosse Gear, and to view all their new products, visit their website athttp://www.wrecklesslacrosse.com.
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