The Str8 LAX Cap

The Str8 LAX Cap

With such an exciting Lacrosse season already underway, what better time than the present to introduce one the hottest new products to Lacrosse Nation, The Str8 LAX Cap. The Str8 LAX Cap is being released as the first product from the newest addition to the Lacrosse Lifestyle Clothing market. Said addition goes by the name guessed it, Str8 LAX.

While Str8 LAX would love nothing more than to have the Str8 LAX Cap grace the heads of Laxers young and old across the country tomorrow, they decided to show it to the public on Lacrosse Playground first. Fans should look forward to viewing the first official Str8 LAX Cap available for purchase through their website as soon as it launches. What’s more is fans will have the option of pre-ordering the Str8 LAX Cap before it hits the shelves.

Below is an exclusive interview with founder, Joseph Infante.

When did you come up with the idea?
Believe it or not I came up with the idea back in college some eight years ago while I was playing lacrosse at Pace University. It wasn’t until a good friend of mine lit a fire under my butt that I actually decided to go full speed with the idea. I’m actually very surprised that no one has come up with the idea over the years.

What’s in the concept?
Lacrosse is very important to me and I wanted to come up with something that put Lacrosse on a pedestal just as other sports are. As we all know people make statements with what they wear. But you can’t wear the same thing every day. Or at least you’re not supposed to. So I thought, what’s something people might wear every day? I thought to myself, a hat. And then I said how can I incorporate the Lacrosse culture into a hat? That’s when I came up with the idea of creating a mesh back hat using lacrosse mesh. And the rest is kind of history. That’s pretty much how I came up with the Str8 LAX Cap. As I like to say, “Baseball has its own hat, why shouldn’t Lacrosse?”

And the name…How did you come up with that?
Growing up, I spent four years living in Georgia. Over time, I picked up on the slang and so it stuck. So much so that I still use some of it from time to time. When people you used to ask how you were doing. We used to say. “I’m straight!” Meaning, “I’m good!” However, we spelled straight like str8. And obviously LAX is short for lacrosse. The funny thing is the word Lacrosse has eight letters in it so it works out perfectly. When you put it together (Str8 LAX) you know what we are all about, especially when you consider the logo, which we plan to keep a secret for now!

Where is the Str8 LAX Cap being manufactured?
While I can’t disclose my manufacturer, I can tell you that finding a manufacturer was a long process. It took me about a year. A year of being turned down by many, and having samples made that just didn’t fit the bill. But in the end it all worked out well. All will be happy to know that the Str8 LAX Cap is made in the USA just like Lacrosse was.

When will the Str8 LAX Cap be available for purchase?
We anticipate a launch to take place as early as next month.

Where will the Str8 LAX Cap be purchased?
After the lunch the Str8 LAX Cap will be available for immediate purchase on our website. Also, it is our goal to have the Str8 LAX Cap on the walls of lacrosse retailers everywhere. Taking it a step further, we have future plans to offer bulk orders to organizations, travel teams, schools and universities, and the like. Also, we believe in customer relations. Therefore, we plan to have a heavy presence at the various lacrosse events held throughout the year. Whether it be tournaments, clinics, fundraisers, Championship weekend, or MLL games, you can expect to see Str8 LAX there.

Why did you decide to incorporate the fans into the selection process for your first Str8 LAX Cap?
I feel like the Lacrosse community, unlike others, is responsible for itself. In a sense, it’s almost as if we are in this thing alone. We are the keepers of the sport…past, present, and future. That being said, I kind of wanted do my part in keeping that idea going. I wanted our people to have a say.

You mentioned Str8 LAX is a lifestyle clothing line. What can the Lacrosse Community expect from Str8 LAX?
First, the Lacrosse Community should first expect many different variations of the Str8 LAX Cap, as it is our flag ship product. They can expect the designs to reflect the community as a whole. More specifically, designs will be fresh and current. Furthermore, there are plans drawn up for t-shirts, shorts, socks, sunglasses, polo’s, book bags, and much more. Please trust that all Str8 LAX products will continue to display the true essence of the sport of Lacrosse, just like the Str8 LAX Cap. And lastly, all Str8 LAX products will be made in the USA.

Any closing remarks?
Umm, I’m excited! Thanks for the opportunity! Oh wait, how could I forget this. This is very important. Str8 LAX plans to continually donate a portion of it profits to US Lacrosse in an attempt to do our part in growing the game. We like the growth the game has seen in recent years and would like help that growth continue.
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