Sustainable sportswear: Lacrosse-inspired Feenix Gear stays green

Sometimes it’s strange how a company can start. For Alex Renaud it started when he was injured in a house fire five years ago. At that time, he was told that injuries were so severe that he wouldn’t play lacrosse again (fast forward – Renaud is now back in the game, playing attack (field) and forward (box)).

But given his initial outlook, when he and some of his friends started Feenix Gear, a line of organic athletic apparel, it was really just a way for him to stay involved with lacrosse.

The apparel line started just a year ago, when Renaud and his buddies printed up designs on some shirts. They received a grant from the Canadian government program to start the business, and as Renaud and his partners got more involved in clothing they looked into more fabrics and discovered bamboo: an eco-friendly, moisture-resistant, soft fabric. As a result, Feenix Gear is now billed as “sustainable sportswear.” In other words – it is clothing that comes from eco-friendly materials and is good for the environment. Oh, and it’s comfortable.

“It’s really soft. have the same reaction that we did when we first held it and fall in love with it,” said Renaud. “If you have never felt bamboo I suggest you find a shirt. I don’t even care if it’s not mine, you’ll probably buy it.”

Renaud compares the bamboo shirts to other moisture-wicking materials that aren’t so eco-friendly. Bamboo is known as an incredibly soft and breathable fabric that absorbs and evaporates sweat easily.

The added bonus is that the shirts come from materials that are naturally grown, which means no chemicals are used in the production of the shirts. And Renaud says that is an added bonus to trying to run a successful company.

“When we started the company we started it for fun and we never expected it to become what it is,” he said. “So we are just hoping to get people more educated about becoming more sustainable, more green-friendly.”

Currently Feenix Gear features t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and fleece pants, with plans to potentially expand to v-necks or long-sleeve shirts later this year. In addition, Feenix does custom team orders (Renaud says Team Ontario Lacrosse and the Canadian National Mountain Bike Team have placed orders with Feenix Gear).

Check out the photos of Feenix Gear’s products below (Click to enlarge). Feenix Gear ships to the U.S. and Candada. You can order online at

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