Read's Clothing Project Vintage Pawleys Plaid Shirt

Read's Clothing Project Vintage Pawleys Plaid Shirt

Created by a former lacrosse player at Colgate University, Read Wall, Read’s Clothing Project is a clothing company with lofty aspirations. They make awesome shirts with a great fit and a timeless look. They do just that with the Pawleys Plaid button-down.

The Pawleys Plaid has a real vintage feel and is perfect to wear in the Summer months. The shirt takes a versatile and relaxed approach to athletic sportswear. Quality fabric, slim fit and high armholes.

Locker loop placed on the upper-back makes it easier to hang your clothes almost anywhere.

Read’s Clothing Project holds two core values to a high standard: making great shirts and providing education opportunities for those in need. That’s because R.C.P. isn’t just a clothing company: it is a mission to create a sustainable fundraising model for schools and education opportunities in Africa. They donate 20% of all profits to handpicked programs educating students from low socio-economic backgrounds.

To learn more about R.C.P. and purchasing visit
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