Lax With Class

Lax With Class

Happy Saturday Bro's,

Since it's now officially summer it's time to update your wardrobe for the babes and I'm here to help. Lax With Class, is a newly started apparel site with a genius idea, lacrosse pinnie tuxedos... yes one more time, lacrosse pinnie tuxedos. There is no other way to describe this this product other than quoting Talladega Nights, "because it says I want to be formal, but I'm here to party."

This idea all started with friends at a lunch table. "'re having fun, partying, kicking back with your best friends, and generally enjoying life. Whenever we come up with a new design or idea, that's the kind of mindset we try to get into" one of the creators, Ryan, states.

This is a trial time for Lax With Class seeing as that they are just starting out. Thanks to Kickstarter, a funding website they were able to make their goal of selling the shirts but in order to continue they have to sell a good amount of their products. So, even of you don't like their products, which who wouldn't, help out some fellow Bro's and make their dreams come true. Plus you can always buy me something, seriously you can. I wear a size small.

Best of luck to Ryan, John, and Justin, you've got our support.

Want to see your stuff on or send me a Lax With Class product, send me an email at or tweet me at @lacrossepbabe.
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