Lacrosse Playground Readers Receive 20% Off Purchases from Liquid Flow

Liquid Flow are the ultimate do-anything, go-anywhere shorts. For a week only, Lacrosse Playground readers receive 20% off Liquid Flow’s Baggattaway shorts. Aptly named after the native term for the game, this lacrosse pattern has a Navy Blue base color with White lacrosse sticks. Whether you're at the beach, on the lacrosse field, or out on the town, Liquid Flow are the most versatile shorts you'll ever own.

Thanks to their 100%-waterproof back pocket, these shorts have virtually no limits providing you the confidence to do anything and go anywhere.

Through next Thursday, Liquid Flow will be offering 20% off all purchases for Lacrosse Playgrounds readers. Head over to today and use the promo code LPGFLOW to receive 20% off their new lax inspired Baggattaway shorts.

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