Define You Maybach Giveaway Contest

Define You recently partnered with a charity to bring Lacrosse Playground fans a giveaway for a great cause. Know.Think.Act. is an online community that connects you to the needs of the world and in this particular case, Western Uganda. Define You and Know.Think.Act. have teamed up to creatively raise money and enact the change that they wish to see in impoverished countries like Uganda. 100% of what you donate directly goes to the cause. Donations positively contribute to HIV testing in Uganda, bedsheets, windows and doors for a medical center being built in Uganda, and Nebulizer machines for Kenya. All donations are tax deductible. Define You will be giving away a pair of custom Maverik Maybach's, yes custom made Maverik Maybach's, they retail at about $160.

How do you enter? Simple, purchase a Define You t-shirt and you will be entered for the giveaway, if you purchase two shirts you will receive two entries. They will give 10% to Know.Think.Act., but are also for every shirt sold Define You will provide a free t-shirt to a person living in poverty. However, Define You will not take more than 100 entries. Purchase a Define You shirt at
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