Custom Hoodies Now Available at PRO Athletics

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PRO Athletics has a new addition to their offerings of custom uniforms and apparel in the PRO Phantom Hood. Yesterday the guys over at PRO Athletics sent over a mock-up of what a Lacrosse Playground hoodie might look like.

PRO Athletics is using some technological advances to be able to create this custom hoodie. PRO Athletics is a young company that has already become known for bringing some pretty bold custom artwork to uniforms and performance apparel.

Digital Fusion technology has made it easier for them to apply the most complicated custom artwork to any part of their apparel line. Brent Robinson of PRO Athletics talked about Digital Fusion.

"We are truly proud of this new technology and the capabilities we now have,” said Robinson. “This opens so many doors and Digital Fusion allows us to continue to push the envelope of custom team apparel."

The PRO Phantom Team hood is now available for interested teams wanting to add a little bit of edge to the traditional hoodie.

By the way, for the Lacrosse Playground hoodie, the mock-up they did was inspired by the 90’s hip hop group Another Bad Creation. They used the quote “swing their beats … at the playground” on the front and the back of the hoodie as a play on words, since a beat is another way reporters describe covering a news item continuous newsmaker or story.

For those of you now familiar with the song, check out the inspiration below:

We’ll continue to cover the lacrosse equipment beat. The PRO Phantom Hood is available and at

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