Introducing the new Lacrosse Playground

Introducing the new Lacrosse Playground

Lacrosse Playground is back, and there's something for old and new fans alike. Through a partnership between Playground Sports, LLC – a newly-formed media company owned by Epoch Lacrosse – and Pro Lacrosse Talk, LLC, the popular platform is being reestablished for a new generation of lacrosse fans, while staying true to the brand's 12-year legacy.

In 2009, Adam O’Neill, Harry Alford and Thomas Alford launched Lacrosse Playground (or LPG for short) as the preeminent site for lacrosse gearheads. As Harry and Thomas Alford stated, the vision was to be the "HypeBeast of lacrosse." Their goal was to provide lacrosse fans with tutorials and tips on how to string a lacrosse head, up-close looks at the gear the top players used and sneak peeks at equipment and uniforms before they were released. In fact, someone once called Lacrosse Playground “Instagram before there was Instagram.”

More than 10 years and millions of visitors later, Lacrosse Playground has relaunched with a focus on storytelling. LPG's mission is to provide comprehensive coverage of the latest lacrosse news and showcase the lifestyles and personalities of the sport of lacrosse through articles, videos and podcasts. Through it's array of digital content, Lacrosse Playground seeks to support the growth of box, field and women’s lacrosse with an emphasis on covering current professional lacrosse players and spotlighting the future stars of the sport.

Lacrosse Playground's Core Initiatives:  

  • Support the growth of lacrosse – box, field and women’s
  • Create a community to exchange ideas and share in conversation
  • Give athletes a voice and platform to express ideas, opinions and insights to the game
  • Increase fan involvement through sports gaming and fantasy lacrosse initiatives
  • Provide in-depth, transparent gear reviews on all the major lacrosse brands
  • Create a resource for health and wellness for today’s athletes 
  • Promote diversity within the sport of lacrosse and introduce the game to new potential players
  • Support the lacrosse lifestyle and the diverse personalities in the game

Lacrosse Playground's mission is to represent today's lacrosse culture and way of life. We aim to support and grow the game by entertaining existing fans and inviting new ones into the lacrosse community. Harry and Thomas Alford explained that the goal of Lacrosse Playground was always to be a "place of positivity" and to "elevate lacrosse to the main stage," while promoting the sport to a more diverse audience. This vision remains the same as Lacrosse Playground embarks on a new chapter.

The new Lacrosse Playground breaks through the noise with compelling, long-form stories about the personalities and people behind the sport, connecting the fans to the athletes through a variety of different channels. We hope to continue to be a trusted source for lacrosse and connect our visitors to those playing the game on a deeper level. There are thousands of stories behind the athletes in lacrosse and LPG is here to tell them. So what are you waiting for, join us on the Playground!

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